Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kid's Progress

It's been awhile since I last posted an article about my kids. Today, my son is 8 years old turning 9 years old this May and my daughter just turned 2 years old last October. It has been a difficult but a rewarding experience to see my kids grow. In addition, the family expenses have grown. Well, this is to be expected because the more kids you have the more needs you have to fill as a parent.

It won't take long and I would have to send my daughter to school. Of course, this would mean more costs to deal with but that's alright the reward of seeing your kids grow up to be healthy and responsible citizens would be more than enough as a parent.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Personality Differences Among Siblings

As a mother of 2 kids, I can not help but wonder how unique my kids are. My eldest, a boy who's turning 8 years old is a playful yet shy kid. He's attention span is no longer than 3 minutes. If you would like to teach him something new, he could better absorb the new information if you teach him by making him play.

On the other hand, my daughter who is just a toddler is also playful but would like to have her parents' attention focused only on her. Any attention directed towards her brother would make her throw a tantrum. Regardless, her focus at such a tender age is really there. If you want to teach her some new words or tricks, she can learn it within the day and never forget. Amazing!

My mother most probably noticed that her 4 kids, including me have very unique personalities. One would be inclined to study, the other to play more, or the 3rd child a good combination of both. Regardless of the child's personality, mothers know only one thing ....they love their kids.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Pinoy Mom

Do you have any idea how Filipino mothers care for their infants? If you are from the Philippines, the answer is a definite yes. For those who grew up in western countries, you may think that a Pinoy Mom or Filipino mother is too clingy for her baby. As a matter of fact, once the baby is born, we don't have a separate place for the baby. They sleep right beside the mommy and this may even go a long way even if the baby is beyond the stage of being a toddler. It's common for Filipino kids to sleep beside their parents even when they reach puberty. This is how Filipina mothers take care of their kids and that's how it is in my country ever since.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

About my baby girl, Princess Ysabel - The Sentiments of a Mother

It's been awhile since I last posted something new here on my blog. Right now, I just felt I have to post anew. My daughter, Princess Ysabel is now a year and 7 mos. old. That's right! Time passes so quickly. It wasn't a very long time ago when I carried her in my arms and she's not even a foot long but now she can stand on her own, can sing her own songs and above all can play with her mommy.

If you look at my daughter, she doesn't look anything like me. She got her looks from her Dad's side. Another, she's pretty fair while I, her mother is tan or should I say darker. But she is my baby alright because she's got spunk, that's something she got from me for sure.

I have many dreams for her as with my eldest child, Ramoncito. By the way, let me add that her brother is turning 8 years old this coming May 23, 2009. I'll be making some preparations for his coming birthday next week. Yes, I am excited and for sure so are the rest of the family.

As what I've said before, I have many dreams for my kids. Watching them grow has been a memorable albeit trying experience but this is something I would never regret if our Creator will give me the chance to live another life. I say this based solely from motherly sentiments.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guide for Baby Feeding

Baby care is a an important task for parents and feeding our babies is a part of this. Before your infant turns 1 year old, there are different stages where parents need to adjust the way they feed their babies. This means the quantity as well as the type of food that they give to their babies need some adjustment.

Initially, from birth up to 4 months, the baby’s intestines have not developed completely so the only food that baby can digest at this stage is breastmilk. But if the mother is having some difficulting breastfeeding the little one then use some other alternative such as Formula.
The second stage of baby feeding is when the baby becomes four months old, at this point, you can start giving your baby some rice or grain cereal other than the milk. Do this until he or she turns 6 months old. In the event that the baby does not like the cereal, try to reintroduce this food after a month and then see what happens.

From six to eight months, your baby is ready to take in more solids foods. Aside from breastfeeding or formula milk, give your little one some mashed potatoes, soft cheese, yogurt, ripe banana and apple or pear juice in small quantities. When introducing food to your baby do this slowly, one at a time with increments of three days just to be certain that your little one will not have any allergic reactions to the foods that you are giving him or her.

By ten to twelve months, your infant probably has more teeth and can swallow food faster and easier. You can now give him or her all the foods mentioned above but this time you can slightly increase the quantity or the amount of the foods. Just remember when feeding your baby new foods, do this slowly and at least three to four days in between.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A mom's preparation for her daughter's first birthday celebration.

My daughter, Princess Ysabel's birthday is just a month away. She was born on the 19th of October, 2007. As her mother, I cant' help but become very excited about the coming birthday party. About the guests, I have made up my mind to invite some close friends but mostly it would be family members. No, it's not a big celebration nevertheless it is really special because I will be partying with my daughter for the first year of her young life.

I remember When she came into this world, she did not cry. She was very still and quiet. I thought something was terribly wrong with my baby but I knew she was born into this world alive because I heard her pass gas. You can laugh. I don't blame you. My husband and I did but it's true. Princess Ysabel is nothing like her older brother, Ramoncito. I said this because the very still and quiet baby has grown to become so active. Baby care for my daughter can be challenging, really but many people adore her including us, her parents, with that cute dimple on the right cheek, always showing whenever she smiles. Let me tell you my daughter is a happy baby, she often smiles at everyone. That's what most people love about her.

As I am writing this, I am thinking about things that I should ready for her coming birthday. It can be a little hectic but I don't need to worry about that I have a wonderful husband who is there to help me.

Anyway, let's see what will happen when the big day comes but one thing is certain, it's going to be lots of fun.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Worst Nightmare for parents - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

No parent would want something bad happen to their offspring however Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or commonly known as SIDS is a nightmare for parents. SIDS is where an infant no more than 1 year dies for reasons that cannot be explained even after a thorough medical examination. SIDS has nothing to do with hereditary nor is it contagious. While we are accepting of the fact that a healthy baby, usually less than 6 months old who suddenly dies while he or she is sleeping without any obvious reason can cause a tremendous loss and tragedy for parents and child care takers.

It is impossible to think that a baby can be found lifeless when prior to that he or she was doing some pretty normal things like feeding, playing and smiling. Medical research shows that the risk of SIDS increases during two to six months then this is followed by a decline. Usually, the victims of SIDS are babies less than 6 months old.

Unfortunately, SIDS remains unpredictable. It can happen without any symptoms of distress or illness and worst it cannot be prevented but this is never caused by bad parenting. Babies are wonderful gifts. There is no reason that parents will neglect infant care but sometimes tragedy strikes for reasons beyond the parents’ understanding. If you are someone who has suffered from SIDS or if you know someone who has, remember you are not alone and always keep in mind that SIDS is not your fault nor is it due to a lack of tender, infant care on the parent’s side.

Daughter and her Papa

Daughter and her Papa